Western Mail Profiles – 2011 Series

Bill Wilkinson: ‘Could carbon monoxide be beneficial for health?’
2nd April 2012

Sara Williams and Peter Halligan: ‘Working together to improve science and innovation in Wales’
2nd April 2012

Greg Chass: ‘Knocking up a plan on a napkin can help raise the effectiveness of scientific experiments’
12th March 2012

Yingli Wang: ‘Helping businesses to be a bit more competitive’
5th March 2012

Lijie Li: ‘Looking for a greener alternative to chemical batteries through the use of sensors and actuators’
February 27th 2012

Anna Croft: ‘How a simple cup of tea can help battle problems of ageing’
February 20th 2012

Carolyn Wallace: ‘Working together for the benefit of our patients’
February 6th 2012

Paul Brennan: ‘Knowing what causes cancer can treat it’
January 23rd 2012

Grace Carolan-Rees: ‘Identifying the innovations to help patients’
January 16th 2012

Jan Geert Hiddink: ‘Science holds the key to sustainable fishing in Wales’
January 9th 2012

Antonio J. Gil: ‘How simulations help raise our understanding’
January 2nd 2012

Eric Tippmann: ‘Setting the record straight about bacteria’
December 26th 2011

Hannah Dee: ‘Computers get an insight into people’s lives’
19th December 2011

Sarah Rodgers: ‘Where you live can affect health in many ways’
December 12th 2011

Tatiana Tatarinova: ‘My mother’s death spurred on my research’
November 28th November

Simon Neill: ‘Coastal research will help ensure projects are ecologically sound’
November 14th 2011

Bernard Tiddeman: ‘Computer models of faces can help in psychology, cosmetics and surgery’
November 7th 2011

Michael Harbottle: ‘Scientists look at using bacteria to repair and even build large scale structures’
October 31st 2011

Raoul van Loon: ‘Patient-specific computer models target individuals’
October 24th 2011

Martin O’Neill: ‘Making social care work within budget’s a hard task’
October 10th 2011

Bill Wilkinson: ‘The team working in the present to make our future a healthier one’
October 3rd 2011

Elaine Jensen: ‘Grass – a great source of energy as we look to cut our carbon footprint’
September 26th 2011

James Gibbons: ‘How research models can help us manage the environment’
September 19th 2011

Parisa Eslambolchilar:’New mobile app to help people take fitness in their stride’
September 5th 2011

Leanne Cullen-Unsworth:’How the world benefits from protecting seagrass’
August 29th 2011

David Cole:’Could T-cells hold the key to curing cancer?’
August 22nd 2011

Sally Holland:’Research has shown that a small number of families in Wales face long-term problems’
August 15th 2011

Ned Powell:’Vaccination programme aims to eradicate virus with link to cancer for a generation of Welsh women’
August 8th 2011

Martina Lahmann:Researcher inspired by her own life-threatening illness’
August 1st 2011

Martin Willis: ‘Fiction helps to focus on human impact of illness’
July 25th 2011

Rhys Pullin: ‘We can continue to grow and develop aircraft sector’
July 18th 2011

Introductory Article, Jadine Wringe: ‘Spotlight on the cream of Welsh research talent’
July 18th 2011