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Novella Franconi

Novella Franconi Swansea University Welsh Crucible 2019 Novella obtained her BSc & MSc degree in Ecological Biosciences at the University of Pisa (Italy). She then worked four years in research applied to wildlife management before moving on and complete a PhD in Environmental Sciences and Technology at the University of Siena (Italy). After a career

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Esther Jones

Esther Jones Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland (formerly University of South Wales) Welsh Crucible 2019 Esther has an undergraduate degree in Astrophysics from Cardiff University. After working in industry, she returned to study for an MRes in Environmental Biology and obtained a PhD at the University of St Andrews. Her postdoctoral and independent research focused on

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Kyle Young

Kyle Young Aberystwyth University Welsh Crucible 2014 Kyle received his BSc in Geology/Biology from Brown University before conducting PhD research on the ecology and management of salmon and trout at the University of British Columbia. His research on fishes and aquatic ecosystems spans intersections of behavioural, evolutionary, community and applied ecology. Before joining the Institute

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Luca Börger

Luca Börger Swansea University Welsh Crucible 2014 After a career as professional musician, Luca obtained his MSc degree in biology at the University of Pisa (Italy) and a PhD in Zoology at Cambridge University (UK), spending nearly two years as a visiting student at Imperial College London, Silwood Park. He went on to do postdocs

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