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Lyle Skains

Lyle Skains Manchester Metropolitan Universiy (formerly Bangor University) Welsh Crucible 2018 Lyle researches and teaches Creative Writing and Digital Media, exploring multimodal creativity, genre fiction, writing and reading/playing transmedia narratives, and writing and publishing in the 21st century. Her research is largely practice-based, stemming from her work in creative writing (speculative fiction) and digital writing. Prior to her career as a

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Nick Davis

Nick Davis Manchester Metropolitan University (formerly Swansea University) Welsh Crucible 2015 Nick is a Lecturer in Psychology at Swansea University. He has a degree (from Sheffield University) and an MSc (from the University of Birmingham) in Cognitive Science, and a PhD (from Birmingham again) in Psychology, focusing on tremor in Parkinson’s disease. His current research

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