Edward Oloidi

Edward Oloidi

Prifysgol De Cymru

Crwsibl Cymru 2023

Ed holds a BSc in Health and Social Care and a PhD from the University of South Wales (USW). He is a postdoctoral researcher at the Unit for Development in Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (USW). His most recent research includes the Once for Wales Health Profile and the UK-wide study of the experience of adults with learning disabilities during the pandemic. Ed’s work largely centres on people with learning disabilities, yet his interest and work has grown to span across populations and lifespan to research that can inform prevention of inequalities in health and social care. He currently leads the Ethnic Minority Research Advisory Group, a group within USW that seeks to promote and conduct more research with people from Black and Asian Ethnic Minority communities. Ed is driven by a motivation to work collaboratively with underserved groups for positive change and enhanced quality of life.

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