Research Priority Areas

In April 2009 the Welsh Government identified four research and development priority areas where Welsh universities, and other Welsh organisations, have the best opportunity to maximise their research performance and economic impact.  Applicants to the Welsh Crucible programme must be working within one of these broad thematic areas.  The Research Priority Areas are listed below with some examples of the kind of areas that may fall within each one:

Digital Economy (ICT)

Digital Economy

  • Secure mobile and wireless communications.
  • Creative industries ‐ an emerging area including animation and gaming media production.

Low Carbon Economy (including climate change mitigation/ adaptation issues)

Low carbon economy

  • Sustainable building technologies
  • Opportunities arising from large scale renewable electricity innovations (including marine sciences)
  • Low carbon vehicles
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation i.e. methods of coping with climate change
  • Negative carbon

Health & Biosciences

Health & Bioscienc

  • Translational science in ageing and well being (including neurosciences, medical engineering, e‐health/informatics and imaging)
  • Plant biosciences (linked to IBERS), negative carbon.

Advanced Engineering & Manufacturing

advanced engineering

  • Advanced materials (including micro & nanotechnology and composites)
  • Autonomous systems.