Vikki Butler

Vikki ButlerVikki Butler

CARP Collaborations

(formerly Barnardo’s Cymru)

Welsh Crucible 2012

Vikki worked in inclusive play services and community development until graduating from Swansea University in 1999 with an MPhil Sociology. Since 2000 she has worked in Scotland and Wales as a qualitative researcher in voluntary sector organisations with vulnerable children, young people and adults. She is currently a senior research and policy officer for Barnardo’s Cymru, designing and managing commissioned and grant funded research at national and local authority level. She also undertakes a policy influencing role, within the Welsh political context, on behalf of the charity. She is a member of the Barnardo’s Research Ethics Committee and is interested in how ethical processes influence research design and methods, enabling vulnerable people, including young children, to be involved in research processes. She is interested in inter-disciplinary approaches within and beyond social research’s traditional scope.

Vikki is now a Research Director within CARP Collaborations, a Wales based social enterprise building community capacity and cohesion, that she co-founded.

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