The Role of the St David’s Day Group of Universities in the Future of Community and Regional Regeneration in Wales

Researchers: Rhys Pullin (Cardiff University), Martin O’Neill (Cardiff University), Anna Croft (Bangor University), Martina Lahmann (Bangor University), Hannah Dee (Aberystwyth University)

In this project, engineering, chemists, computer scientists and social scientists collaborated on an exploration of how the Higher Education sector can more effectively contribute to the social and economic regeneration of Wales.

SDDGThe project aimed to work in partnership with already established programmes and agencies to make the link between HE and social and economic regeneration, and to explore how these links can be developed and put into practice. A central concern was the low uptake of and achievement in STEM in disadvantaged communities in South Wales, and the researchers aimed to investigate how the development of the STEM agenda can best contribute to wider policy initiatives, as well as to develop a sustainable model of engagement and development that will contribute, in the long term, to developing the STEM agenda and contributing to Welsh government policy.

Two national seminars were completed to establish a network of like-minded stakeholders throughout Wales. These were very successful with a number of interesting outcomes. Future work is already underway through the Cardiff University Futures Group where key elements identified in this project will input into a practical investigation in a Cardiff community. In addition, industrial engagement and STEM will form part of future research under the Cardiff Postgraduate Certificate in University and Teaching Learning modules (PCUTL).

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