Tamsyn Uren Webster

Tamsyn Uren Webster

Swansea University

Welsh Crucible 2019

Tamsyn is a Research Officer within the Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture Research at Swansea University. Her research interests broadly focus on the impacts of environmental stressors on animal and ecosystem health and, specifically, elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying these effects.

Tamsyn completed her PhD, in molecular ecotoxicology, at the University of Exeter in 2014. At Swansea University, her recent research, funded by BBSRC, NRN-LCEE and WEFO, has included examining how aquaculture-related stress induces changes in the fish microbiome and epigenome, and how this is associated with wider effects on fish immunity and health.

In the future, Tamsyn aims to explore how the epigenome and microbiome could contribute to stress adaptation. She is keen to develop multi-disciplinary collaborations, develop innovative ways of integrating omics data, and promote the importance of sustainable aquaculture among the public and policy makers.

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