Stefano Barazza

Stefano Barazza

Swansea University

(formerly University of South Wales)

Welsh Crucible 2017

Stefano is a lecturer in intellectual property law at the University of South Wales, where he leads the LLM in Intellectual Property Law and provides IP training for the staff of the UK Intellectual Property Office. A fully qualified Italian lawyer, Stefano is also an editor of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice (Oxford University Press) and has previously blogged for the world-renown IPKat and PatLit weblogs. His main areas of research include IP policy-making for science and art, the crossroads between intellectual property and competition law, and the impact of intellectual property on innovation in strategic technological sectors (including pharmaceuticals and telecommunications standards). Stefano is extremely keen to explore how intellectual property affects, and is in turned affected by, scientific research and to develop new and original strategies to encourage, foster and nurture innovation. Further, he is particularly interested in discussing interdisciplinary approaches to research and innovation, identifying potential new models for future innovation management and policy-making.

Stefano has moved to Swansea University where he is now a Senior Lecturer in Legal Studies at the Hilary Rodham Clinton School of Law.

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