Sarah Rodgers

Sarah RodgersSarah Rodgers
Swansea University

Welsh Crucible 2011

Sarah obtained her undergraduate degree in geographical science at Portsmouth University before completing her Masters and PhD degrees at Reading University. She is now working as a lecturer in the College of Medicine at Swansea University. She uses spatial and non-spatial health, social and environment data to investigate the geographic variation in health and disease burden. Her research is focussed on the aspects of the environment in relation to obesity and chronic health conditions. Sarah does spatial analyses of environment data and then links these to health data. This is made possible using anonymous links from house and environment data to routinely collected health data for individuals. She would like to further develop the databank to allow the seemingly impossible; anonymous spatial analyses of health data for individuals. She hopes that clearly presented results from these powerful insightful analyses will encourage improvements to our environment, allowing healthful living for all.

Sarah has been promoted to Honorary Professor at Swansea University Medical School.

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