Sarah Riley

Sarah 2Sarah Riley
Aberystwyth University

Welsh Crucible 2012

Sarah Riley is a Senior Lecturer in the Psychology Department at Aberystwyth. Her research takes a psycho-social approach to explore issues of identity in relation to gender, embodiment and youth culture; her work crosses over health, social psychology, sociology and political science; and tends to use qualitative methods including discourse analysis, co-operative inquiry and visual methods. Recent projects include a study of clubbing and dance cultures as forms of social and political participation and a cooperative inquiry on ‘dilemmas of femininity’. Projects in the pipeline include a participatory video project with people with type II diabetes, a pan Wales sexualisation studies research group, and an exploration of the role of consumption in citizenship. Previously she was a lecturer in Psychology at the University of Bath and before that, Edinburgh, having completed her PhD at Glasgow Caledonian University. Her overall interest is in contemporary identity issues and practices.

Sarah has been promoted to Reader in the Department of Psychology at Aberystwyth University.

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