Rukshan Navaratne

Rukshan Navaratne

University of South Wales

Welsh Crucible 2018

Rukshan obtained his PhD in Aerospace Engineering at Cranfield University and currently working as a lecturer in the Aeronautical Engineering Department at University of South Wales. Before joining academia, he has spent much of his career working as an engineer, researcher and consultant in automotive and aerospace industry.

His current research focuses on the development of novel propulsion systems and structural solutions to challenging problems in aerospace engineering.   This includes a broad range of work on morphing and adaptive aerostructures, development of low cost ultra-efficient lightweight composite structures, novel energy storage and actuation systems.

The research undertaken by Rukshan is concept driven and in a wider range of disciplines including structures, aerodynamics, mechanics, kinematics, non-destructive testing, design and optimization.  He uses a variety of analytical, numerical, and experimental tools and techniques to develop technologies from initial conception through increasing levels of technology readiness with a constant view towards commercialization and real world use.

Rukshan has been promoted to Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Computing , Engineering and Science in the University of South Wales.

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