Rubén Sevilla

Rubén Sevilla
Swansea University

Welsh Crucible 2013

Rubén graduated in Mathematics in the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). He completed his PhD on Applied Mathematics in the UPC and combined his research with teaching activities in four different degrees and one master. He then moved to Swansea University where he was appointed as a research assistant. He is now a lecturer in the College of Engineering at Swansea University. His research is mainly focused on the development and application of cutting edge numerical techniques for the simulation of fluid mechanics and electromagnetic problems of industrial relevance. He has received three international prizes as a result of his research and he has been invited to renowned universities and international conferences. His aim is to build new collaborations with engineers and physicists with a special interest in the design of optic and photonic devices.

Rubén has been promoted to Associate Professor in the College of Engineering at Swansea University.

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