Paul Brennan

Paul 2Paul Brennan
Cardiff University

Welsh Crucible 2011

Paul has a broad interest in human health, biology, plants and micro-organisms. Paul completed his undergraduate and post-graduate training in Biochemistry at Trinity College, Dublin. After four years post doctoral immunology research in London, he moved to Cardiff to take up a lecturer position. In Cardiff, now for 12 years, he studies lymphocytes, key cells of the immune system and how these cells cause cancer. To do this, Paul uses a variety of approaches including cell biology, microscopy, biochemistry and proteomics. His aim is to develop novel drug targets by understanding the molecules controlling lymphocyte growth and survival. Paul likes to work in inter-disciplinary teams and has collaborated productively with scientists, clinicians, mathematicians, an artist and two poets. He believes in using scientific knowledge to improve our lives and our environment. Outside of work, Paul enjoys family life, meditation, and growing fruit.

Paul has been promoted to Reader in the Division of Cancer and Genetics, School of Medicine, Cardiff University.

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