Oliver Castell

Oliver Castell
Cardiff University

Welsh Crucible 2014

Oliver was appointed Cardiff University SBP Research Fellow and Lecturer in September 2013, this followed four years postdoctoral research at Oxford University working across traditional discipline boundaries to use single molecule techniques to understand the processes of the cell membrane. Oliver’s research lies at the intersection of the biological and physical sciences and concerns the development and application of new techniques to help unravel the complexity of living systems. Here, the creative application of Chemistry, Physics and Engineering can shed light on biological systems to answer important questions with far-reaching implications for medicine, bio-technology and our fundamental understanding of the world around us. In turn, Oliver is also interested in applying this knowledge to the development of new materials and tools inspired by biology. By shaping our capability to engineer at the molecular level, the development of these new, smart, soft materials will have many important applications in areas such as therapeutics, bioelectronics, sensing, chemical computing and synthetic cells.

Oliver continues his role as a Serious Brain Power Early Career Researcher and has been promoted to Senior Lecturer in the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Cardiff University.