Mohammed Mabrook

MabrookMohammed Mabrook
Bangor University

Welsh Crucible 2012

Mohammed Mabrook received his BSc degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Basrah, Iraq, in 1987, and an MSc in Power Electronic Engineering from Bradford University, UK, in 1993. He was awarded a PhD from Sheffield Hallam University, UK, for work on the fabrication and characterization of porous silicon in the year 2000. He has over 10 years experience in microelectronic engineering, conducting multidisciplinary projects in device fabrication and instrumentations. Mohammed was Senior Research Associate in the Durham Centre for Molecular and Nanoscale Electronics before joining Bangor University as a lecturer in 2009. Currently he is carrying out research in several areas of interest, mainly covering work on organic memory devices, inkjet printing of organic materials, chemical sensors, food quality sensors, semiconductor thin film device fabrication and characterisation, and nanotechnology.

Mohammed has been promoted to Senior Lecturer in the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at Bangor University.

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