Miranda Walker (nee Whitten)

Miranda Walker

Miranda Walker (nee Whitten)

Swansea University

Welsh Crucible 2015

Miranda has a BSc degree in Applied and Human Biology from Aston University and has been passionate about insects since a toddler. After a PhD in insect immunology at Swansea University, a series of post-docs in three continents, and freelancing as an illustrator, she returned to Swansea and now holds a lectureship in the School of Medicine where she teaches genetics and parasitology. Her research is highly applied and covers aspects of molecular biology, insect biology, microbiology, and parasitology. She is currently developing a new gene-silencing method aimed at pest insects and would like to be instrumental in creating a Welsh centre of excellence in applied entomology. She is particularly interested in influencing policy on the use of genetically modified organisms in biocontrol, food security and in combatting disease transmission. Miranda is seeking widely interdisciplinary collaborations to develop novel, pro-active and demand-driven solutions to insect-related global challenges.

Miranda has been promoted to Senior Lecturer in Swansea University Medical School at Swansea University.