Martin Clift

Martin Clift

Swansea University

Welsh Crucible 2016

Martin obtained his PhD in nanoparticle toxicology at Edinburgh Napier University, after which he spent seven years in Switzerland where he undertook his post-doctoral research career, becoming a Scientific Group Leader in 2012. Since December 2015, Martin has been a Lecturer in nanotoxicology at Swansea University Medical School. Martin’s research focus is upon the nanoparticle-(mammalian)cell interaction, with a view to determining the mechanistic toxicological, immunological and genotoxic effects that nanoparticles, with varying physico-chemcial characteristics, may cause at the cellular level using advanced, next-level in vitro systems combined with state-of-the-art microscopy approaches. Martin anticipates that his research will directly contribute towards creating legislation and regulation regarding human exposure to nanoparticles. Martin has authored over 80 peer-review publications, as well as being an editorial board member of the highest ranking journal in his field (Particle and Fibre Toxicology (IF 7.113)). Martin is a board member of the UK In Vitro Toxicology Society, the NC3Rs expert panel for nanotoxicology, the EU COST Action on Modelling Nanoparticle Toxicology, as well as a member of the Royal Society of Biology and a fellow of the European Respiratory Society.

Martin has been promoted to Associate Professor in Biomedical Sciences in the Medical School at Swansea University.

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