Marion McAllister

McAllisterMarion McAllister
Cardiff University

Welsh Crucible 2012

Marion has a Genetics degree (Trinity College Dublin), and four years experience as management consultant with Accenture’s London office. Marion then trained as genetic counsellor, and completed a PhD in Social Science (Cambridge University), exploring psychosocial implications of predictive genetic testing. Marion followed this with 12 years as NHS genetic counsellor/research fellow, exploring outcome measurement in clinical genetics, and recently completed an MRC fellowship at The University of Manchester. Marion moved to Cardiff University in 2011 to co-direct the MSc in Genetic Counselling. Marion’s research focuses on developing and evaluating complex interventions in clinical genetics, with a special interest in patient empowerment, and involves interdisciplinary working with health economists, social scientists and clinicians. Marion is keen to explore patient empowerment as a measurable patient reported outcome in other chronic diseases, and how risk communication and organisational change theory can contribute to developing and implementing interventions in the NHS.

Marion has been promoted to Reader in the School of Medicine at Cardiff University.

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