Madeline Carr

Madeline Carr

UCL (University College London)
(formerly Aberystwyth University)

Welsh Crucible 2014

Madeline obtained her PhD in International Relations from the Australian National University in 2011. Her thesis examined the relationship between US power and internet technology. After a short period teaching at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan, she accepted a position in the Department of International Politics at Aberystwyth University to initiate a new Masters in the International Politics of the Internet. Madeline is currently researching the role of the public/private partnership in national cyber security strategies. Prior to beginning her academic career, Madeline worked for many years in film and television production and web hosting/design. She is particularly interested in meeting and collaborating with people who seek to understand the implications of new technology on social, cultural and political structures.

Update: Madeline moved from Aberystwyth to Cardiff, and was a Senior Lecturer in International Relations in the School of Law and Politics at Cardiff University. Madeline has recently relocated to UCL, where she is the Associate Professor of International Relations and Cyber Security.