Lynn Monrouxe

MonrouxeLynn Monrouxe

University of Sydney

(formerly Cardiff University)

Welsh Crucible 2012

Lynn obtained her BSc degree in psychology (1998) and PhD in Cognitive Science (2001) at Plymouth University. She went on to become a research fellow at Plymouth University working on an EPSRC funded grant as the psychologist on a team developing a psychologically plausible computational model of spatial language comprehension (2001-2003). She moved into medical education in 2003 beginning as a research fellow in curriculum evaluation, and later lecturer in Human Sciences at Peninsula Medical School (Universities of Exeter & Plymouth). She now works as a senior lecturer and director of medical education research at the School of Medicine, Cardiff University. She currently uses qualitative and quantitative methodologies to explore medical students’ patient-centred professional identity formation. Lynn is planning to develop her work by exploring patient involvement in medical education using novel methodologies including video reflexivity, and increasing public understanding of patient involvement in the development of tomorrow’s doctors.

Lynn has relocated to Australia and has been promoted to a Professor in the Faculty of Medicine and Health at the University of Sydney.



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