Kate Langley

Kate Langley
Cardiff University

Welsh Crucible 2014

Kate obtained her BA degree in Psychology at Durham University. Following a role as a research psychologist interviewing families as part of a study of genetic and environmental risk factors for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Kate completed her PhD on the same subject at the Cardiff University School of Medicine. Last summer, she took up a position as a lecturer at the School of Psychology within Cardiff University. Kate’s research interests lie in investigating genetic and environmental risk factors for mental health problems in childhood and adolescence, with a particular interest in ADHD and antisocial behaviour. She is especially interested in using novel methodology to ask research questions that cannot be asked using more traditional techniques. Kate recognises the importance of translating and communicating research findings to the public, especially considering the sometimes controversial nature of her research area.

Kate has now been promoted to Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology at Cardiff University.