John Gallagher

John Gallagher
Bangor University

Welsh Crucible 2014

John is a civil and environmental engineering graduate of Queens University Belfast (BEng) and Trinity College Dublin (MSc & PhD). He joined Bangor University in 2012 as a research officer on the Ireland-Wales INTERREG Hydro-BPT project; a project which examines technical, economic and environmental study for hydropower potential in the water industry. Interdisciplinary research has been a common link in John’s research interests, as he worked on several innovative projects including a commercial product patent during his PhD. He is actively involved in several other sustainability initiatives in Bangor University and is developing research projects as part of this initiative. As an early stage researcher, he is actively collaborating with other researchers in Europe, the U.S and Canada. His most recent hobby project includes the development of his CRAIC (Connecting Research And Innovative Communication) workshop programme for early stage researchers to promote a creative approach to research dissemination.

John is now an Honorary Lecturer in the School of Natural Sciences at Bangor University.

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