Jo Welton

Jo Welton

Health Economics and Outcomes Research Ltd

(formerly Cardiff Metropolitan University)

Welsh Crucible 2018

Jo obtained her BSc degree in Zoology at Aberystwyth University and went on to complete a Biology MPhil in Davos, Switzerland, before returning to Wales to complete her PhD at Cardiff University, School of Medicine. She now works as a Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Jo’s current research is examining tiny complex bubbles of fat, called extracellular vesicles, released into our body-fluids as sources of disease indicators (biomarkers) in multiple sclerosis (MS). Her main focus is trying to identify biomarkers for MS disease progression. This involves working with clinical teams, bioinformaticians, computer scientists, as well as other biologists.

Jo is very keen to bring different research disciplines together to make a greater impact. Utilising the vast array of skills and knowledge different disciplines have towards a common goal, such as her particular interest in increasing our understanding of human disease.

Jo has moved from Cardiff Metropolitan University into industry and is now a Medical Writer for Health Economics and Outcomes Research Ltd.