James Gibbons

GibbonsJames Gibbons
Bangor University

Welsh Crucible 2011

James obtained his BA degree in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge and went on to complete a PhD in tropical forest ecology at Stirling University. He then worked at University of Nottingham modelling impact and mitigation of climate change. He is now Lecturer in Ecological Modelling in the School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography at Bangor University. James uses modelling and analysis to gain insight into interdisciplinary problems, recent examples include valuation of marine biodiversity, assessment of mitigation of greenhouse gas emission using ruminant dietary manipulation and a theoretical framework for comparing conservation payments made by action and results. A main emphasis of James’ research is improved representation and communication of uncertainty and improving decision making under uncertainty.

James has now been promoted to a Senior Lecturer in Ecological Modelling at the School of Natural Sciences and Geography at Bangor University.

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