Imtiaz Khan

Imtiaz Khan

Cardiff Metropolitan University

(formerly Cardiff University)

Welsh Crucible 2013

Imtiaz obtained his PhD in Bioinformatics from Cardiff University and as a Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellow (FP7) did his post doctoral work at Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, USA. In collaboration with Broad Institute, he developed a virtual laboratory environment – ProtocolNavigator that enables the design, capture, exploration and sharing of experimental methodologies through a visual map with contextual links to the resulting data. Currently he is working as a Lead Bioinformatics at the Institute of Translation, Innovation, Methodology and Engagement (TIME), Cardiff University, where he is utilizing ProtocolNavigator to develop bioinformatics infrastructure enabling bench to bedside data interoperability and interpretability. Imtiaz is keen to provide bioinformatics solutions to multidisciplinary research communities with specific aim to enhance communications within disciplines and uplift public (especially volunteers in clinical trials) understanding and engagement on translational research processes by creating novel visualization tools.

Imtiaz is now a Reader in Data Science in the School of Management at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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