Hywel Griffiths

Hywel Griffiths
Aberystwyth University

Welsh Crucible 2014

Hywel Griffiths graduated in Physical Geography and Mathematics at Aberystwyth University and stayed to study for an MSc in River Basin Dynamics and Management and a PhD focusing on rates and patterns of processes in Welsh rivers. He now works as a lecturer in Physical Geography in the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences at Aberystwyth and teaches through the medium of both Welsh and English. His current research focuses on the human-environment interactions that are exemplified by flooding, including reconstructing flood histories from geomorphological and documentary records and the impacts and societal perception of flooding. Hywel is keen to explore opportunities to collaborate with researchers in the arts and public policy fields in order to increase public awareness of historical, cultural and physical aspects of flooding.

Hywel has been promoted to Senior Lecturer in the Department of Geography and Earth Science at Aberystwyth University.