Gregory Chass

Gregory Chass Gregory Chass
Queen Mary University of London

(formerly Bangor University)

Welsh Crucible 2011

Gregory completed undergraduate studies (Chemistry) at U. Toronto, and his Ph.D. with Professor Imre G. CSIZMADIA between U. Toronto and U. Szeged in Hungary (Summa cum Laude, Dec. 2001), in the same laboratories where the 1937 Chemistry Nobel prize was awarded for the discovery of Vitamin C. His post-doctoral years were spent under the mentorship of several renowned senior colleagues, in addition to fellowships, a short-time in industry and a visiting professorship in Beijing, gaining experience and independence across 3 continents. This international ‘scientific pilgrimage’ proves to be his greatest asset in teaching, integrating research with education, organising symposia and formulating international research networks. His current research focuses on the development of the novel discipline ‘Systems Chemistry’, as the scientific counterpart to Systems Biology, through ‘case study’ sub-projects. Each involves the use of quantum-theory designed neutron and muon-beam experiments carried out at large-scale accelerator and neutron/muon facilities. Project systems include: 1) Industrial Catalysts; 2) Natural Anti-Oxidants & Chinese Medicines; 3) Bone Implants & Adhesives; 4) Peptides & Proteins.

Gregory has relocated and is now Director of Graduate Studies and Reader in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry in the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Queen Mary University of London.
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