Geertje Van Keulen

Geertje Van Keulen

Swansea University

Welsh Crucible 2016

Geertje obtained her MSci degree in Biochemistry and completed a PhD in Microbial Physiology at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. After working as a postdoc in her first interdisciplinary project, she relocated her research to the UK after the award of two fellowships: a Marie Curie IEF and a NWO Talent fellowship. She then accepted a permanent academic position at Swansea University and is now Associate Professor in Biochemistry in the Institute of Life Science at Swansea’s Medical School.

Geertje’s research focuses on the microbiology of natural antibiosis and resistance to antibiotics and metals, microbial adaptation to drought and bioengineering of water repellency of manmade and natural materials. Her research team collaborates in highly interdisciplinary projects with soil scientists, materials engineers, hydrologists, nanotechnologists and (climate) modellers. Geertje is the lead-organiser of Soapbox Science Swansea, an annual public open-air science event showcasing the exciting research of female researchers in STEMM.

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