Fiona Robinson

Fiona RobinsonFiona Robinson
Cogent Power Ltd (Tata Steel)

Welsh Crucible 2012

Fiona obtained a BSc (Eng) degree in metallurgy and materials science from Imperial College London followed by a PhD at the University of Liverpool. She has undertaken roles in research, process technology and product development in the steel industry throughout South Wales and is now principal researcher at Cogent Power Ltd. Fiona’s current research focuses on process and product development of high permeability low loss grain-oriented electrical steels for energy efficient power transformers. She is involved in encouraging young people and supporting early career scientists to pursue careers in research and technology via workplace and public engagement together with various university collaborations. She is passionate about sustaining a steel industry in Wales and eager to change public perception by positive communications about research and technology innovations that will help secure a viable future for steel.

Fiona has been promoted to Development Specialist in Cogent Power Ltd.

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