Enrico Andreoli

Enrico Andreoli
Swansea University

Welsh Crucible 2015

Enrico is Senior Lecturer at the Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) of Swansea University and leader of the ESRI carbon dioxide capture, storage, and utilisation programme. He holds a PhD in Chemistry from Maynooth University (Ireland), a master’s degree in Science, Technology and Management from the University of Ferrara (Italy), and a master’s degree in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Padua (Italy). Enrico has a broad expertise in materials development and application from both industry and academia. He was researcher at the Giulio Natta R&D Centre of LyondellBasell, and at the R&D laboratories of Tecres SPA. He was postdoctoral researcher in the Chemistry Department of Rice University (Texas), and in the Physics Department and Institute for NanoEnergy of the University of Houston (Texas). He is the recipient of the Giorgio Foschini Prize, XI Edition, from the Fondazione Carlo Erba, and was awarded a FÁS Science Challenge internship from the Irish National Training and Employment Authority. Enrico works for the future of clean, affordable, and sustainable energy.

Enrico is now an Associate Professor in the College of Engineering at Cardiff University.