Dimitrios Xenias

XeniasDimitrios Xenias
Cardiff University

Welsh Crucible 2012

Dimitrios studied Psychology in Crete and continued his studies in Durham, where he trained for an MA in Counselling. He then obtained his PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Hull. He moved to Cardiff in 2005 to work as a postdoctoral researcher. His most recent projects (since 2009) focus on sustainable behaviours which he studies with various methods including psychophysiology, surveys and interviews. He is a Research Affiliate of the Sustainable Places Research Institute at Cardiff University, the ESRC Centre for Business Relationships Accountability Sustainability and Society (BRASS) and the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research. He is also involved in policy advisory for voluntary organisations as well as for the UK and Welsh governments on climate change communication, electromobility and sustainable behaviours, specifically on energy use and transport/travel behaviour. Dimitrios would like to meet partners for academic and commercial projects on these areas.

Dimitrios is currently a Research Associate in the School of Psychology at Cardiff University.

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