Dimitra Fimi

Dimitra Fimi

University of Glasgow

(formerly Cardiff Metropolitan University)

Welsh Crucible 2017

Dimitra gained her BA degree at the University of Athens, Greece, and went on to complete her MA and PhD at Cardiff University. She is now Senior Lecturer in English at Cardiff Metropolitan University, where she lectures on fantasy literature, science fiction, children’s literature and medievalism.

Her most current research focuses on invented and imaginary languages in fantasy literature, and on “Celtic” identities and “Celticity” in children’s fantasy inspired by Irish and Welsh myth. Dimitra is keen to explore ways to use fantasy and children’s literature in applied settings, including promoting equality and diversity, supporting health and wellbeing, and fostering literary tourism.

Dimitra is now a Senior Lecturer in Fantasy and Children’s Literature (English Literature) at the School of Critical Studies in the University of Glasgow, and in September 2020 launched the Centre for Fantasy and the Fantastic, of which she is co-Director.

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