Fredric Windsor

Fredric Windsor

Prifysgol Caredydd

Crwsibl Cymru 2023

Fred obtained a BSc in Geography and an MSc in River Environments and their Management from the University of Birmingham, before completing a PhD at Cardiff University focusing on the effects of persistent contaminants on freshwater ecosystems. After his PhD, he went on to a Postdoctoral Research Associate position at Newcastle University, developing network science to undersdtand and secure resilient food systems. Fred is now a Lecturer in Ecology at Cardiff University. He is an interdisciplinary scientist who works at the intersection of many different fields (ecology, geography, social science, economics and chemistry, to name a few) to generate fundamental knowledge, as well as information suitable for policy makers and practitioners completing work on the ground. Fred is particularly interested in how scientist from different disciplines can work together and communicate their findings effectively and efficiently to others.

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