Caitriona Noonan

Caitriona Noonan

Prifysgol Caerdydd

Crwsibl Cymru 2021

Caitriona is Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication.  She researches screen production and cultural policy. She is currently leading an AHRC funded project which examines screen agencies (e.g. Ffilm Cymru, Scottish Screen, Danish Film Institute) and the people who work in them. The project involves policy research and interviews. With Professor Ruth McElroy, she is author of the book Producing British Television Drama: Local Production in a Global Era (Palgrave, 2019). More information about her research is available at Caitriona is interested in the people and practices behind the things we see on our television and cinema screens. She is currently expanding her idea of screen to think about other forms such as gaming. She is very open to collaboration with academic, industry and third-sector partners to look at themes such as innovation, professional creative practice and/or cultural policy.

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