Christopher Groves

Chris GrovesChristopher Groves
Cardiff University

Welsh Crucible 2015

Christopher has a BA in Philosophy & Sociology (York), an MA in Philosophy & Social Theory (Warwick) and a PhD in Philosophy (Warwick). After two years teaching adult learners at Warwick University in 2003-05, he took up a research post in Social Sciences at Cardiff. Since then, he has worked in several different institutes conducting research on the governance and social impacts of technological innovation, with a particular focus on responsible innovation, an interdisciplinary approach which aims to increase the responsiveness of scientific and technological innovation to social priorities and concerns. He also runs Cardiff Philosophy Café, an ongoing series of free monthly events at which academics from a range of disciplines discuss the ethical and political implications of their work with non-academic audiences.

Christopher is currently a Research Fellow in the School of Social Sciences at Cardiff University.