Antonio J. Gil

Dr Antonio J. GilAntonio J. Gil
Swansea University

Welsh Crucible 2011

Antonio is a Chartered Civil Engineer and Professor in the College of Engineering at Swansea University. After finishing his MEng and MRes degrees in the University of Granada (Spain), he moved to Swansea where he completed his PhD in the field of computational analysis of membranes. As a result of his PhD, postdoctoral and academic positions, he has been involved in different and complementary research areas in computational modeling. His current research interests are: (i) computational simulation of nanomembranes, biomembranes (heart valves) and superplastic medical prostheses, (ii) modelling of smart electro-mechanical materials/devices and (iii) numerical analysis of fast transient dynamical phenomena. Antonio collaborates with cardiothoracic surgeons at Morriston Hospital (Swansea) and he is a member of the Interdisciplinary Cardiovascular Engineering Research Forum, which brings scientists and clinicians together within South Wales. He is interested in building collaboration with medical scientists, physicists, engineers and SMEs pursuing interdisciplinary computational modelling.

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