Andrew Davies

Andrew Davies

University of Rhode Island

(formerly Bangor University)

Welsh Crucible 2013

Andrew’s career in marine biology began with an undergraduate degree in Coastal Marine Biology at the University of Hull. This was followed by a PhD at Queen’s University Belfast where he spent several years estimating the impact of limpets on seaweed canopies. He then moved into his first post-doctoral position at the Scottish Association for Marine Science where he worked on cold-water corals that are found in the deep ocean. Currently a lecturer in marine biology at the School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University, Andrew’s speciality lies in bridging disciplines particularly across physics, engineering and biology. He has worked in a range of habitats from the shallow waters of the UK, through to the depths of the deep ocean using submersible technologies. Andrew is interested in developing novel, cross-disciplinary research.

2016 Update: Andrew has been promoted to Senior Lecturer in the School of Ocean Sciences at Bangor University.

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