Amy Ellison

Amy Ellison

Bangor University

(formerly Cardiff University)

Welsh Crucible 2018

Amy is a molecular parasitologist, based at Cardiff University School of Biosciences.

Amy’s research interests broadly encompass host-pathogen interactions with a specific focus on the role of circadian rhythms in the health and welfare of managed animals. After obtaining a PhD in 2012 from Aberystwyth University in the evolutionary genetics of animal mixed-mating systems, she moved to the USA for her first postdoctoral position. At Cornell University, her NSF-funded role was to examine the transcriptomic responses of amphibians to disease challenges.

In 2015, Amy returned to Wales as a NRN-LCEE Ser Cymru fellow investigating the impact of aquaculture stressors on fish disease susceptibility. In 2018, Amy was awarded a BBSRC Future Leader Fellowship. During her fellowship, Amy aims to increase her interdisciplinary activities, and raise public, industry, and policy makers’ awareness of the importance of healthy body clocks for animals.

2019 Update:

Amy is now a Lecturer in Biological Sciences in the Molecular Ecology and Fisheries Genetics Laboratory at Bangor University.

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