Alice Entwistle

Alice Entwistle
University of South Wales

Welsh Crucible 2014

Alice gained an Hons Degree in English Literature at Durham in 1989. Some years later she returned to Durham to undertake doctoral research into post-war American poetics, having worked in industrial/environmental strategy, publishing, PR and marketing. She taught in the Universities of Glamorgan, Bristol and the West of England before appointment to her current post (in 2007). Alice is now a Professor in English and Modern Languages in the Faculty of Business and Society at the University of South Wales.

She co-authored A History of Twentieth-century British Women’s Poetry (Cambridge, 2005) with Jane Dowson. Poetry Geography Gender: Women rewriting contemporary Wales appeared last year (UWP); In Her Own Words: Women talking poetry and Wales (Seren) will appear in 2014. Alice researches the cultural geo-politics of literary aesthetics and contemporary writing, and the links between space and expression in cross-disciplinary collaborative practice. She is always interested in how the languages, materials, practices and habits of different academic disciplines can transform – or be transformed by/in – other discursive/disciplinary contexts, habits of thought and/or materials.