Ali Roula

Ali Roula
University of South Wales

Welsh Crucible 2013

Ali received his PhD in Computer Science from Queen’s University of Belfast in 2004 in the area applied computer vision for quantitative pathology. He joined the Department of electronics and computer systems engineering at the University of South Wales as a senior lecturer and member of the Medical Electronics and Signal Processing Research Unit which he currently heads.
He was involved in the Magnetic Induction Tomography (MIT) research which aims at developing contactless and non-invasive imaging methods for medical and non-medical applications. An area of particular attention is fast and accurate detection and differentiation between ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes.
Additionally, Ali has also been working on exploring the use of EEG signal for brain computer interfacing for applications in developing communication and mobility aids for people with severe motor disability.

2016 Update: Ali continues to be a Reader in Biomedical Engineering and the Head of the Medical Electronics and Signal Processing Research Unit, in the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science at the University of South Wales.

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