Akintunde Babatunde

BabatundeAkintunde Babatunde

University of Leeds (formerly Cardiff University)

Welsh Crucible 2012

Akintunde obtained his PhD from the discipline of Civil Engineering, University College Dublin, Ireland in December 2007. His research work resulted in the design and development of a novel engineered wetland system with enhanced capacity for wastewater treatment and it is currently on demonstration in Ireland. Building on the successful development, AB has engaged in collaboration with several experts around the world and presented his work at a number of international conferences. In recognition of his achievements, he was awarded the green prize for outstanding young professionals in environmental technologies by the Federal Minister of Education and Research in Germany in 2009. And in 2010, he was awarded the prestigious IRCSET/Marie Curie Fellowship. AB’s interest and expertise is focused on processes and systems for sustainable water engineering and he is particularly keen on low carbon water treatment with enhanced bioenergy production and resource recovery.

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