Western Mail Profiles – 2012 Series

Yi Gong: ‘Design of our living space is a health issue’
4 March 2013

Dimitrios Xenias: ‘We have to think of ways to change our attitude to energy use and what we need’
25 February 2013

Astrid Ensslin: ‘Professor aims to help teenage girls improve their body image through digital fiction’
18 Februay 2013

Fiona Robinson: ‘Start saving on your energy at power source’
11 February 2013

Aditee Mitra: ‘The day of the triffids has now dawned’
4 February 2013

Marion McAllister: ‘There’s help for a ‘minefield’ of tough decisions’
28 January 2013

Mohammed Mabrook: ‘Clothes that could monitor your health’
21 January 2013

Joan Edwards: ”Why cows can be even more of a grass act’
14 January 2013

Pavel Loskot: ‘Why networking is the way ahead to pool knowledge’
7 January 2013

Lynn Monrouxe: ‘Cultural change could be just what’s needed’
31 December 2012

Hongyun Tai: ‘Mimicking nature leads to discoveries’
24 December 2012

Tony Dobbins: ‘We need more jobs not just retraining’
17 December 2012

Sarah Riley: ‘Women need to change the way they talk about bodies’
10 December 2012

Niels Madsen: ‘CERN is helping us to try to solve the mystery of antimatter’
3 December 2012

Enlli Thomas: ‘Speaking up for the many benefits of being bilingual’
26 November 2012

Vikki Butler: ‘Bullying is not just something that goes on in the school yard’
19 November 2012

Clare Wood: ‘Fluid research teaches us how human body must go with the flow’
12 November 2012

Rhiannon Whitaker: The importance to us all of vital clinical trials’
5 November 2012

Vincent Teng: ‘How nanotechnology can help save lives’
29 October 2012

Anwen Elias: ‘Parties for independence must focus on all issues’
22 October 2012

Jeff Kettle: ‘Harness sun’s power to get our electricity’
15 October 2012

Elen Stokes: ‘‘Nano’ labelling will reveal little about products’
8 October 2012

Pamela Ugwudike: ‘Research to look at the way trends in reconviction rates can be discouraged’
1 October 2012

Emma Tonkin: ‘Why medics need to know about genetics’
24 September 2012

Paul Butler: ‘Using the marine world to make sense of our own’
17 September 2012

Joan Haran: ‘The differences between science fiction and science fact change over time, and our opinions continue to change too’
10 September 2012

Heledd Jenkins: ‘How the titans of the Premier League have a role to play in the community in terms of sustainability’
3 September 2012

Yogesh Dwivedi: ‘We use Facebook, but why not electronic government?’
27 August 2012

Akintunde Babatunde: ‘We need to rethink our use of waste water treatment to secure a sustainable future’
20 August 2012

Richard Stanton: ‘Vaccination breakthrough could save thousands of lives throughout world’
13 August 2012

Sara Williams and Peter Halligan: ‘Meeting of minds at top research event as experts pool knowledge to help wider world’
13 August 2012